A downloadable game for Windows

Find your way out of the maze! But beware of the "Minotaur" and keep your sanity.

This is basically a short Project of mine to experiment a bit more with Unity from a Tech-Art perspective. It should be beatable in ~5 minutes.

But please tell me what you think. Feel free to share your opinion with me.

The idea was to make a game from a tutorial I followed on Udemy:


Additional Sound Credits:


Thanks a lot, guys!

TagsHorror, Short

Install instructions

Download the .zip file.
Extract the .zip file.

Execute the .exe file ;)


Project_ASH.zip 56 MB

Development log


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Nice game but not scary at all...

Nice game but not scary at all...

Was expecting  a beast to be chasing me, anti-climax unfortunately 

Yeah! Thanks for playing. A closed door often needs a key ;) Great fun to watch your video!

I had a great time playing this! I'll definitely be following for any future updates and games you may come out with!

Thanks for playing! And congratulations to survive...somehow ;)

I liked the concept of the tunnels causing the player to go insane. That and BEEES!

Wohooo! Awesome video! Thanks a lot! Yeah those bees aren't out for a little chat ;) But you're right.  A real monster would be more appropriate. Congratulations that you've made it through :)

Haha thanks! I really did enjoy it. Can't wait to see your future work!

I never figured out how to escape...Besides that...I LOVED IT!! :D

So many thanks for the awesome video! Really enjoyed to see you suffering :D But honestly... I should have placed at least some clearer clues for you guys ;)

hi and big thx for your game :) i can't survive but i had a lot of fun :) greetings from germany

Thanks for the let's play! Basically you had all the tools to escape. The key and the map ;) ... greetings from NRW ;)

Pretty neat.


Thanks a lot :) Great to hear.

Gave it a go, and I love the idea of going insane trying to escape the tunnels! 

Ha! Awesome! Thanks for the video!  Great to see that my game leaves so many space for interpretation. You're right. The minotaur isn't that minotaur-ish ;) I'll keep it in mind next time.

I would say get rid of the bee sounding element try and put in a monster. Something scary. Everything else is great. 

Thanks for the review. Glad you enjoyed it. 

You're right. A real "scary" thing might work better here. I'll keep that in mind next time. I think it would make it feel more authentical.

This was a lot of fun to play. I really enjoyed the challenge!

Thanks a lot for this awesome Let's Play! VERY fun to watch. You've played it as intended :D Very appreciated. <3